Assembly of the overlapping opaque glasses at Ocenasal 

Your Partner for Customized Building Solutions in Scandinavia

Lindner Scandinavia is a leading provider of complex exterior and interior building solutions in Scandinavia.

We have our office in Gothenburg and a branch office in Stockholm to serve the markets in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland.
We provide a comprehensive range of services that cover everything from innovative design to efficient production and installation, enabling the construction of unique architectural structures that stay true to their original designs.

  1. latest news

    Malmö's new hospital, progress

    2023-08-14Despite a rainy, wet and windy summer, our projects have progressed according to plan.

    The Canopy for "Building 35" as well as the wodden facades at Malmö's new hospital is soon to be finished.

  2. Munch service completed

    2023-07-06The first repair and glass replacement of the Munch museum's unitized elements is now completed. The work was carried out at night so as not to disturb the museum's daily operations.

    With these pictures we wish you a pleasant holiday!

    Summer is just around the corner and it is time for well-deserved time off for most of us at Lindner Scandinavia.
    During the summer our offices are closed but we have operations at some of our building sites.
    See you in august :-)

  3. The new website is finally here

    2023-06-16This is the freshly released version of Lindner Scandinavias website. More news will be posted here in the future.

Products and services

At Lindner Scandinavia, bespoke design and construction that closely aligns with the ideals of contemporary architecture is a significant part of our daily work.
Our approach involves collaborating closely with clients and architects to create long-lasting value. Our passion for delivering joint projects shines through in our great engineering expertise, deep understanding of materials and production, and meticulous attention to detail.
We specialize in delivering everything from impressive building envelopes and immaculate claddings to the meticulous design of our clean rooms.

Let us know what you need and we will assist you.
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