Aker Tech - Front façade References

Aker Tech House

Glass panes
6,2 x 2,7m
Largest glass pane

The new 7 story office building at the Fornebue Porten in Olso, Norway.
The building is predominantly an officebuilding for companies within the Aker group with social functions in the ground floor.
The design of the building is of a more standard appearance on three sides where offices and other functions are situated.

Towards the square, the totally transparent glass box is giving a view of the processes taking place within and exposing the central staircase in gold that connects the ground floor to the roof terrace.

Location: Fornebue, Oslo, Norway
Owner: Aker Property Group
Architect: Wingårdhs
Commissioned by: Hent AS
Services: LS3000 Timber Façades and roofs
Status: Finished in 2023
Photographer: Lindner Scandinavia

Scope of work

We have delivered the complete external envelope, except for the roof coverings, with a timber frame, LS3000 Timber. The office façades are unitized timber curtain walls with external sun screens, which we believe are the first of their kind in the world.

The glass roofs are made of stick built timber structures with the LS3000 Link roof application. The main “Frontfasade” has a primary timber structure that supports the concrete decks on vertical 400x400 columns and spans that hang on pre-tensioned rods. A secondary timber structure with a structural glazing system is installed on the front side, LS3000 Timber -stick.