LS3000 Composite unitized element being mounted at Sintef

LS3000 Composite

- Composite solutions for extreme low U-values

The LS3000 Composite system is a flexible design solution developed to enable us achieve the lowest U-values possible by using custom composite profiles or vacuum formed shapes as support structure instead of aluminum as is the more traditional choice in the façade industry.

Depending on the shape and design of the façade, a composite system can achieve lower U-values than a wooden system. This can lower the building energy use and may also result in a smaller total CO2 footprint over time, depending on the calculation period.

Composite profiles are non-organic and highly resistant to moisture, which may make them a better option than Timber for some applications.

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The LS3000 Composite system can be used as unitized curtain wall system, as seen in our projects Unsö and Sintef. It can also be stick built on site or as a combination of both. We adapt the system to our clients need.

The system can also be used in roof applications with a roof angle down to 5 degrees in both structural glazing exterior or more traditionally with cover caps.

The composite can be either pultruded as regular profiles as seen in the Sintef project or vacuum-formed to almost any shape as seen in the Unsö project.
Both techniques permits a high level of freedom where the esthetics doesn’t have to compromise with the function.

Airplane infront of Unsö Extension See more pictures from Unsö Extension