Airplane infront of Unsö Extension References

Unsö Extension

600 mm
Façade depth
Total façade
Unitized façade

The Unsö Extension is an addition to the Gardemoen airport for Non Schengen destinations.
The extension is a 190 meter long four-storey building of 25 000 m2 with a bespoke façade system with vertical elements and glass surfaces that angles in and out respectively to form a wave pattern vertically.

The unitized façade consist of rather large units, approx. 2, 5 x 6 meters and is a LS3000 Composite hybrid composit/alu façade.

30 % of the façade is carried out in a bespoke EW30 fire system that was designed and tested by the Lindner Scandinavia project team. A large challenge of the project was to build in an airport in use.

Location: Gardemoen airport, Oslo, Norway
Owner: Avinor
Architect: Nordic Architects
Commissioned by: OM Fjeld AS
Services: Façades, LS3000 Composite Unitized Façade and Stick built.
Status: Finsihed in 2021
Photographer: Christian Badenfelt and Lindner Scandinavia

Scope of work

Design and implementation of a unitized façade system using LS3000 Composite profiles and fire rated IG units. The work was implementation of the architectural design and fulfill sharp U-value demands that generated the hybrid solution. Fire testing at Rise in Trondheim gave verification of the bespoke fire EW 30 fire system using the hybrid solution.