Collaboration at the office

Expertise in façade construction

Lindner Scandinavia has the expertise in bespoke façade construction that is required for designing sophisticated building envelopes. We offer free advice in early project stages and also offer our expertise as a service.

For complex projects it’s vital to get an early understanding of the project’s unique challenges and possibilities. In collaboration with client, architect and other consultants we carry out feasibility studies that discover practical solutions that match the particular project goals while at the same time sets the foundation for a better process for the entire project.

The gluelam structure from World of Volvo seen from above

Feasibility study

If you need help with design solutions for your specific project, please get in touch with us.
The ultimate goal of a feasibility study is a buildable solution that satisfies the project requirements and budget constraints.

The project can face different types of challenges such as design or construction difficulties, budget restrictions or how to meet environmental or sustainability standards.

Moist management and predictive design

Predictive design

Modern façades must meet high demands for energy efficiency and hygrothermal performance.
These metrics is integral part of our design work where we perform U-value calculations, condensation analyses and moisture risk assessments with recognized industry-adapted methods and software for every project. We ensure that our products and systems are suitable for the specific conditions of each project.

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Parametric modeling in Rhino/Grasshopper

Parametric modeling & analysis

By the use of parametric modeling we often aid our clients in the design process of projects to quickly find a working solution that fulfills the functional and estetic requirements.
With these tools we can help you analyze and optimize geometry with alternatives presented to rationalize the design or gain for example better performance or reduce variations, often resulting in a more interesting product at a more competitive final price for the client.

Custom system development at Lindner Scandinavia

Customized system development

New challenges, which not everyone dares to face, attract Lindner Scandinavia.

We are specialized in bespoke construction and can help you in close collaboration with the development of the building envelopes of the future.
Our system development team is higly skilled and will make the design work.

Let us know what you need and we will assist you.
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Planning the service of the unitized façade at Munch museum

Service & aftermarket agreements

Lindner Scandinavia can help you with the support of your building during it’s entire life time.

With service-agreements we can help you with usual maintenance and repairs while also help you when it’s time for a re-build or renovation.