Terminal 2 at Gardemoen airport

Mission Statement

We are a company that specializes in bespoke building envelopes that enhance the performance and aesthetics of buildings to match the architect’s and client’s vision. We design and install innovative solutions that meet the highest standards of quality, safety and durability. We like to say that innovation is our core business.

We are committed to take a lead in the sustainable transition in our industry, by minimizing our environmental impact and maximizing our social value. We do this by using renewable materials, reducing waste and emissions, and creating positive outcomes for our customers, employees and communities.

    Our actions

  • Our focus is on quality and environmental protection, and we ensure that our resources are used sustainably.
  • We challenge ourselves constantly to redefine the boundaries of what is possible.
  • We use the highest technical standard for our value creation and have close contact with other companies in the industry to further develop standards.
  • We maintain a respectful relationship with customers, suppliers, business partners and our employees.

    Our values

  • Being transparent in what we do and decide
  • Being honest and confidential
  • Being reliable in what we say, decide and do
  • Being fair to our customers and clients, to each other and to our competitors
  • Being curious and embrase change, new approaches, methods and products.
  • Being sincere and respectful
  • Being open to our customers’ needs and the opportunities of diversity
  • Being resourceful and sustainable

Our cornerstone

Our employees are our greatest strength and asset. They influence our performance and reputation.
Entrepreneurial spirit, dedication and job satisfaction are factors that foster development and innovation. For us, staff development is crucial for ensuring the company’s success.

Equality and inclusion are natural and essential for creating creativity and sustainable development - both for us as a company and society. We therefore strive to create a work environment that has a positive impact on our employees’ motivation, satisfaction and performance.

Lindner Scandinavia is its employees.