LS3000 Link under construction at World of Volvo

LS3000 Link

- Flexible and discrete

LS3000 Link is a versatile system that allows you to fasten glass and other sheet materials to any kind of supporting structure. You can mix and match different materials to achieve the desired balance of glass and solid fields.

The system has a two-stage sealing and a tight and compliant interface between the frame and the façade. The profiles are thin and discreet, but they need a load-bearing structure behind them for most applications. The structure can be made of wood, steel, composite, concrete, glass or anything else that suits the design and function of the building.

There are two versions of the system: one for façades with a width of 56 mm and one for roofs and façades with large glasses with a width of 60 mm.

The LS3000 Link system can be delivered either as jointed or with cover caps for both façades and roofs.

The renderings in the gallery below show some typical examples of how LS3000 Link can be combined with glulam beams and steel.
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