World of Volvo on a snowy day References

World of Volvo

Acoustic panels
Gluelam structure
Glass panes

The World of Volvo project, an all wood experience center where the materials used take the center stage is currently being erected in central Gothenburg. Once finished this will be a new landmark in the city and Lindner Scandinavia are proud of being part of bringing this project to life.

The building’s concept reflects the Swedish “Allemansrätten”, which gives all citizens the right to access any land freely. This idea is deeply rooted in Sweden - from individuals to companies, like Volvo. Therefore, the World of Volvo’s circular design allows visitors to explore the place in various ways.

The project has a strong focus on minimizing environmental impact and will fulfill the demands of LEED level Gold.

Location: Gothenburg, Sweden
Owner: Volvo Group and Volvo Cars
Architect: Henning Larsen
Commissioned by: BRA group
Services: LS3000 Timber Façades, Gluelam structure, internal fitouts
Status: Finished in 2023
Photographer: Christian Badenfelt & Lindner Scandinavia

Scope of work

Design and erection of the main glulam structure, The full exterior skin consisting of the main and pavilion glass façades. Inside scope is the 3000 m2 acoustic panels fitted in between the main columns, staircases with balusters and a twisted helical stair soffit, 500m2 suspended ceiling.

© Christian Badenfelt

See the video of the construction from week 1 to week 35 in the video above.