Horten seen from opposite side of dock

Building envelopes

Linder Scandinavia's core business lies in the execution of building envelopes. With our competence, experience and ability to innovate, we work together with the customer to create unique architectural projects that match their original visions.
Our competence covers all stages – from concept through design and project management, manufacturing and production, to construction and service of the finished building.
We run projects both in-house and with partners.

Unitized façades at Unsö extension

Unitized Façades

- can be both economic yet highly individual

Lindner Scandinavia offers customized modular façades where the frame of the modules can be made of timber, composite, aluminum or steel with cladding according to the customer's preferences, it is usually the imagination that sets the limits.

Our modular façades are usually delivered as a curtain wall implementing our “dry seal” system utilizing silicone rubber gaskets wrapped around the module perimeter. This design makes the façade weather proof as soon as the module is installed. The modules are produced in our Munkedal factory and delivered to workplace in batches "just in time", which reduces the need for large storage areas at the workplace and shortens the assembly time to a minimum.

Stick built façade at Aker tech

Stick Built

- as flexible as it gets

Stick façades, when the structure is mounted "profile by profile" or in blocks, is the type of façade that can be made with the highest finish and often gives the lightest impression.

A stick built façade is in general defined as a type of curtain wall system that consists of aluminium frames and infill panels that are assembled on site. Stick built façades offer more flexibility and customization compared to unitized curtain walls however they require more labour and time to install.

Our stick façades can use almost any material for the load bearing structure, the most commonly used are timber, aluminium, steel and composite. All our stick built façades can be executed with our without caps depending on preference.

Structural glass

Structural glass

- a transparent solution for modern architecture

Many times, a glass façade should look like it is not there.
Structural glass, or all-glass, designs by Lindner Scandinavia are minimalist yet intricate, achieving the highest possible transparency.
We have many years of experience in working with load-bearing constructions in glass for various applications, such as façades, roofs, floors, stairs, balustrades and partitions.

Steel and glass, 'Oceansal' at SNM

Steel and glass

- Minimalistic, Maximalistic

Steel and glass architecture, pioneered by Mies van der Rohe, can express a sense of elegance, simplicity and functionality where steel and glass are used as structural elements and cladding materials.
At Lindner Scandinavia we have long experience in delivering structures that are inspired or offsprings of this style.

Our latest addition, erected in Copenhagen is "Statens Naturhistoriske Museum", "SNM", and it's "OceanSal" - a super elliptical dome structure clad with opaque shingling IG units in a fish scale overlapping style.

Gluelam structure at World of Volvo


- Frames meant to be seen

We are a full-service provider when the building frame is part of the aesthetic design. We work with our partners to assist with planning and implementation from the start and then deliver a complete solution with installation.
The frame can be made of glulam as seen in World of Volvo and Aker Tech or steel as in SNM.

The dome shaped roof of SNM


- A cover, or a piece of art

A roof has many possibilities. It can be a simple pitched roof with a glass, timber, steel, rods (tie rods) or aluminium frame that supports the weight. The roof can also be a complex free form shape that resembles a masterpiece.
In some applications the roof needs to be lightweight but yet durable, for this ETFE roofs might be the best choice, Lindner Scandinavia provides both glass and ETFE roofs in the preferred design.

Depending on project various functions might be included in the roof where the most common is solar shading. Solar shading can be achieved either by the roof in itself given by its shape or by curtains, blinds or glass with special properties.

We help you through the entire process from the early stages to the fully assembled project.

The office was in use furing the entire refurbishment of Sintef

Refurbishment and rebuilding

The performance of many façades is often substandard due to age or poor construction and there may be a need to replace what is not working.

To refurbish the façade, rather than demolishing and building new, often has several advantages.
It is usually the cheaper option, and usually less resource-intensive and better for the environment.
Additional possibilities with a renovation can be that the construction time is shortened or that the building does not need to be emptied but can continue to be used during the construction period as in the Sintef refurbishment

A 'burglar' equiped with crowbar trying to penetrate the façade

Certified façades

- For special requirements

At Lindner Scandinavia, we have many years of experience in working with projects with special requirements.
The requirement may be that the staff and work execution must be security classified and approved by the security police or that the façade must meet specific requirements regarding burglary, explosive loads, shelling, fire or noise.

In Lindner-Group, we have our own facility to carry out façade testing and we also collaborate with other independent institutes such as Rise to obtain independent certification of our solutions.

Contact us and we will help you develop a solution that works for your needs.