LS3000 Timber seen at Aker Tech

LS3000 Timber

- Timber solutions for low CO2 impact and low U-values

Download The LS3000 Timber system is developed to enable us to minimize the environmental impact of modern construction by using Timber as support structure instead of aluminum as is the more traditional choice in the façade industry.

Using locally produced glulam timber as well as system components we can lower the CO2 impact with up to 65% and improve the U-value with about 30% compared to a full aluminum system.

The LS3000 Timber system can be compared to other options by our Environmental Product Declaration (EPD). Find it with the link to the right.

LS3000 Timber as seen from the inside in the Aker Tech project See more pictures from Aker Tech

The LS3000 Timber system can be used as unitized curtain wall system, prefabricated in our assembly factory in Munkedal, Sweden.
It can also be stick built on site or as a combination of both as can be seen in our Aker Tech project.

It can be used in roof applications with a roof angle down to 5 degrees in both structural glazing exterior or more traditionally with cover caps.

See more pictures from World of Volvo

LS3000 Timber

- Unitized element example

Below is some renderings of a generic LS3000 Timber unitized element façade.
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