Corner of Østerport 2 building

Your project in good hands

New challenges, which not everyone dares to face, attract us and are often part of why our most important asset, our employees, thrive, stay, and develop with us. Combined we have the knowledge and experience to achieve the impossible.

We apply our deep understanding of engineering, assembly and materials to produce unique façade and roof solutions with glass, wood, steel, composite, aluminum, membranes and other high-tech materials.

Being part of Lindner-Group, which has a global presence and a wide variety of products and services, we can provide you with almost everything you need.

A blurred building behind a grass meadow

Designing for the Planet and for the Future

At our company, we are committed to creating designs that are environmentally friendly and sustainable. We use various tools and methods to assess the environmental impact of our designs, such as:

  • LCA analysis: This is a technique that evaluates the environmental effects of a product or service throughout its life cycle, from raw material extraction to disposal or recycling. It helps us to identify the environmental hotspots and improvement opportunities of our designs.
  • U-value calculations: This is a measure of how well a building element, such as a wall or a window, prevents heat from escaping or entering. It helps us to optimize the thermal performance and energy efficiency of our designs.
  • Condensation analyses: This is a process that simulates the moisture conditions and air flows in a building envelope. It helps us to prevent condensation problems that can cause mold growth, health issues, and structural damage.
  • Moisture risk assessments: This is a method that evaluates the risk of moisture damage in a building due to rain, snow, groundwater, or internal sources. It helps us to design appropriate moisture protection measures and drainage systems.

By using these tools and methods, we can ensure that our designs are not only aesthetically pleasing and functional, but also environmentally responsible and durable.

Wind test of mockup

Putting our designs to the test

At Lindner Scandinavia, we have many years of experience in working with projects with special requirements and putting our designs to the test.
Our engineering services and façade structures undergo testing following national and international guidelines with true-to-scale mock-ups both in-house, by the Lindner Scandinavia R&D department and the accredited Lindner-Group testing facility, as well as with independent institutes such as Rise to obtain independent certification of our solutions.

Optimizing profile cut-lengths using Grasshopper

BIM, Parametric modeling and digital transformation

At our company, we are experts in BIM and parametric modeling.
We use the best software for each task, whether it is design, analysis, or documentation. We also integrate our work into a detailed BIM model that can be shared and coordinated with other project stakeholders.

Our methods and software are aligned with the industry standards and best practices. We also develop our own software solutions that are tailored to our specific needs and challenges.

By using parametric modeling, we can optimize our geometry for performance and aesthetics. We can also speed up our design process and improve our quality and accuracy.

We are proud to offer our clients innovative and efficient solutions for their projects.

We can help you develop your project and your design either in the form of a feasibility study to arrive at a common solution or as a separate design assignment

Acoustic panels being mounted at World of Volvo

Efficient installation and on-site craftmanship

Cooperation is very important to us! And that from the very beginning on. That's why our assembly teams are already involved in the planning phase and bring their practical experience and knowledge to bear when working out the schedules and requirements plans. During assembly, foremen coordinate the processes in cooperation with project managers and can thus react flexibly to all developments: Therefore, we promote an efficient construction process with on-time completion.

The installation of building envelopes, partitions, raised floors, doors, ceilings and other building products requires product-specific expertise and skills: Our fitters have many years of experience and excellent know-how in their field.