Østerport 2 seen in the evening References

Østerport 2

Glass panes
6300 x 2400mm
Widest glass
Unique shapes

Østerport 2 is an innovative office concept that has situated the communication spaces as a gallery or balcony along the façade with workspaces inside. This gives a socially sustainable work environment where everyone can benefits from views, daylight and impulses from the outside.

The façade serves as a canopy for the shops and is designed in dark red tones that changes over the day with semitransparency. The design is influenced by the brickwork at the adjoining “Svenska Sjömanskyrkan” at Oslo Plads.

The solar shading is integrated into the architecture using very large glass panes which is cantilevering out over the floors using the geometry of the building to create large open spaces.

Location: Østerport 2, Oslo Plads, Copenhagen, Denmark
Owner: Fokus Asset Management
Architect: KHR Architects
Commissioned by: KHR Architects
Services: External solar shade system for all glass
Status: Finished in 2021
Photographer: Adam Mørk

Scope of work

The Lindner Scandinavia core team was involved in developing the complete structure to seal the façades in a bending pattern where transparent parts are angled inwards and the solid parts angled outwards.
On the solid parts, Lindner Scandinavia installed a solar shading system completely in glass using very large glass panes, max size 6500 x 3200 mm, with double screen print patterns.