The undulating panels of the Munch museum References

Munch museum

The Munch museum is a new art museum in Oslo, Norway, that showcases the works of the famous Norwegian painter Edvard Munch. Opened in 2021 the Munch museum is overlooking the Oslo bay in it's central location in Bjørvika just where Akerselva flows into the sea.

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Munch museum

The Munch museum is a milestone in the forming of what now is Lindner Scandinavia and the last of three projects in our history/crosspoint roadmap.

The museum has a distinctive vertical shape, with 13 floors and a height of 60 meters. The façade is covered with undulating perforated aluminum panels that create different effects of light and shadow depending on the weather and the time of day.

While working at another company the core team of Lindner Scandinavia was supplying the complete building envelope including glass façades, solid panel systems covering the concrete shafts, green roofs as well as all the undulating panels. The team designed and installed a unitized façade system with composite profiles for the front façade, which consist of a 25 meters high vertical base section that inclines outward in a 20 meters section with a 7-meter overhang.

The 4018 undulating perforated panels were manufactured by Lindner SE based on the core team’s designs.

Today Lindner Scandinavia has a service contract with the museum and has just made the first glass replacement in the unitized façade.

Location: Bjørvika, Oslo, Norway
Owner: Oslo Kommune
Architect: Estudio Herreros
Status: Finished in 2019
Photographer: Einar Aslaksen