Terminal 2 at Gardemoen airport References

Terminal 2 - Gardermoen

Terminal 2 is an extension of Gardemoen airport finished in 2016.

Terminal 2
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This project is a milestone in the forming of what now is Lindner Scandinavia and the second of three projects in our history/crosspoint roadmap.

From 2012-2016 the Lindner Scandinavia core team was involved in the development of the Airport in seven different contracts while working in another company.
Jernbanetak, Centralbygg West, Pir Nord with all façades, passenger bridges and soffit as well as a large refurbishment contract.

In the supplies was usually the complete support structure using steel, timber and wood included from the concrete and up.
In The pier the façade system consists of 14 meter high glass fins that span from floor level to roof with a 10 degree outward angle. In the soffit a bespoke support structure was developed and a parametrized design system was developed to generate panels as well as production drawings/files for all the 3D members of the support structure

Lindner SE supplied the panel system for the soffit using the fabrication units in Arnstorf with an area of approx. 18 000 sqm and 42 000 pieces.
Lindner SE was also commissioned to design and install the five free form sales pavilions using a timber freeform structure with an external lime plaster surface and an interior sheet metal pane surface of 8000 pieces.

Furthermore the complete airport is furnished with the hollow floor system FLOOR and more® power comfort. This particularly resilient system is fitted with an integrated heating and cooling system, allowing efficient temperature control even in these open spaces.

Location: Gardemoen airport, Oslo, Norway
Owner: Avinor
Architect: Nordic Architects
Commissioned by: Avinor and others
Status: Finished in 2016
Photographer: Rainer Taepper